💻   Con más de 20 años de experiencia en Diseño Visual y UX/UI, me especializo en la creación de productos digitales impactantes y centrados en el usuario. En Carlos Vázquez Design, lidero la innovación a través de la dirección de arte y la narración visual, impulsando estrategias transformadoras que elevan las marcas.
🔍   Mi enfoque gira en torno a los principios del diseño centrado en el usuario, colaborando estrechamente con clientes para ofrecer soluciones de diseño que superen consistentemente las expectativas.
💡  Aporto una gran experiencia en investigación, metodologías de diseño y gestión de proyectos, logrando estrategias digitales exitosas en diversos proyectos, desde renovaciones de sitios web hasta identidades de marca y plataformas de medios digitales.
🚀   Me especializo en impulsar el crecimiento de negocios y startups a través de estrategias centradas en el usuario, aprovechando mis habilidades como Diseñador de Productos para lograr resultados tangibles.
🌐   Impulsado por la pasión por la creatividad, asumir desafíos y lograr resultados impactantes, me comprometo con valores de diversidad, prácticas éticas y responsabilidad social en todos mis proyectos.

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About me
💻   With over 20 years of expertise in Visual and UX/UI Design, I specialize in crafting impactful, user-centered digital products. At Carlos Vazquez Design, I lead innovation through art direction and visual storytelling, driving transformative strategies that elevate brands.
🔍   My approach revolves around user-centric design principles, collaborating closely with clients to deliver design solutions that consistently surpass expectations.
💡  I bring a wealth of experience in research, design methodologies, and project management, delivering successful digital strategies across diverse projects—from website revamps to brand identities and digital media platforms.
🚀   As an early adopter in the digital landscape, I specialize in driving digital businesses and startups to grow through user-centered strategies, leveraging my skills as a Product Designer to achieve tangible results.
🌐   Driven by a passion for creativity, meeting challenges, and achieving impactful outcomes, I'm committed to values of diversity, ethical practices, and social responsibility in all my endeavors.
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Valoraciones recibidas en mi perfil de LinkedIn
Carlos Vassallo / COO at PlanetM / International Sales, Networker and Connector, Entrepreneur, AI Visionary
I am writing to enthusiastically recommend Carlos Vazquez for the Design Director/Senior Visual Designer/UX/UI Design position.
Carlos is a highly skilled designer with a keen eye for detail and an exceptional sense of aesthetics. He has a deep understanding of user experience and design principles and is skilled at creating intuitive and engaging user interfaces.

During his tenure as a freelancer and project manager, I had the pleasure of working with him on numerous design projects and the opportunity to witness his creativity, professionalism, and exceptional design skills firsthand.

Throughout his time at Clarin newspaper, one of the most recognized and prestigious Spanish language media outlets in the world, Carlos consistently demonstrated his ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams, including product managers, developers, and other designers. He possesses excellent communication and interpersonal skills and is adept at presenting his ideas and designs to stakeholders.

In addition to his design skills, as an entrepreneur, Carlos is an excellent leader and mentor. He has a track record of managing, guiding, and helping junior designers develop their skills, and grow in their careers.

I wholeheartedly recommend Carlos Vazquez for any design position. He is an exceptional designer and leader who will make a valuable contribution to any company.

Marcelo Rizzi / Chief Technology Officer and Big Data en Clarín
Carlos is a highly accomplished professional with extensive experience in mass media. He is an undisputed leader in media design, user experience (UX), and defining product strategy through visual design.
I would also like to highlight his human qualities and warmth, as well as his professional ethics. He led the team he managed with a great ability to transmit the strategy, but also to maintain the motivation and ambition of the team.
I believe that Carlos can bring a wealth of experience and leadership to any team he manages.

Marcos Foglia / Regional Vice President, Content Experience & Operations, The Walt Disney Company Latin Amarica (Disney+ & Star+)
Carlos is a highly recognized and respected professional in the industry for his dedication, professionalism, and innovative spirit. Anyone who works with him will encounter an exceptional individual striving for excellence. I had the pleasure of working with Carlos, and I can guarantee that he is someone who leaves a lasting impression on his peers.

Gustavo LoValvo / Editorial design and consulting
Carlos is a great professional. I had the fortune of working with him for 15 years, and I can say he is one of those indispensable individuals, an engine that keeps the design team running through creativity and hard work. And as if that weren't enough, he's also a great friend.

Diego Fieramosca / Senior Product Designer - UX/UI / Fintech / E-commerce / Saas / B2B - B2C / AI / @Greenlight
I met Carlos Vázquez at Diario Clarín, where he was my Art and Design Leader/Manager, and working with him was one of the best experiences I've had. I hold him in high personal and professional esteem.
Carlos is very proactive, seeking the best design solutions with a keen eye, creativity, and judgment. He knows how to work in teams, leads by example, and not only is he an excellent professional, but he's also a kind person with strong values, integrity, and professional ethics. He has demonstrated great management and leadership abilities in significant interdisciplinary and mass dissemination initiatives.
Without a doubt, I would work with him again, and I believe he could make a significant contribution to any project.
Desde hace un año estamos establecido, junto a mi familia en la hermosa ciudad de Pontevedra. Comunidad autónoma de Galicia, en España.

For a year now, my family and I have been settled in the beautiful city of Pontevedra, located in the autonomous community of Galicia, Spain.
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